Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday night was the Connecticut launch for "Kisses From Dolce" and what a night it was! Friends, family, therapists, name it, they were there, supporting me and my effort, and, most importantly, combatting CSA.

Child sexual abuse is so rampant, so pervasive, crossing cultural, ethnic, religious and racial lines, that it is rare for me to be anywhere where I am not approached by someone who has a story to share. These adult survivors seem glad to be able to finally tell, some never having told before. Tuesday evening, despite the positive, upbeat tenor of the event, was no exception.

One woman pointed to the line in the book, "I don't want to be touched" and said to me it had taken her years to tell. And she didn't tell just me; what had once been a shameful secret was now something about which she could openly express herself and, especially, her disgust with her abuser. Letting go of the shame is not easy but getting to that place is liberating and healing.

Hope is the name of the game, folks, and that's what we're here for. The No Secrets No Shame "Kisses From Dolce" healing train has started on its track and, I hope, it will keep on rolling for a long time to come! Thanks.

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