Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday's book launch was a wonderful event, filled with family, friends and community. We sold a good amount of books, enabling us to make a nice donation to the ATC Sisterhood D2L Workshop Fund. Several people there were survivors, some talking about it openly with me for the very first time. Many attendees bought multiple copies to give as gifts to teachers, therapists and their local libraries. In fact, the next day, I had an inquiry from a librarian who received the book as a gift and wants to purchase several for her local elementary school.
And that is the point of "Kisses From Dolce: A Book for Children About Trusting and Telling." It is meant to be out there, helping kids, giving them a voice and helping them get to a healing place.
To all who came and celebrated and continue to show unwavering support, I say "thank you."

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