Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Wednesday morning aftermath of the CT launch...a lovely yellow rose from Stacy K.'s beautiful bouquet...the exquisite bottle of Dolce wine from Michelle and Gary N., who had it sent in from Napa in honor of the the back, to the left, a handful of yummy kisses...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday night was the Connecticut launch for "Kisses From Dolce" and what a night it was! Friends, family, therapists, name it, they were there, supporting me and my effort, and, most importantly, combatting CSA.

Child sexual abuse is so rampant, so pervasive, crossing cultural, ethnic, religious and racial lines, that it is rare for me to be anywhere where I am not approached by someone who has a story to share. These adult survivors seem glad to be able to finally tell, some never having told before. Tuesday evening, despite the positive, upbeat tenor of the event, was no exception.

One woman pointed to the line in the book, "I don't want to be touched" and said to me it had taken her years to tell. And she didn't tell just me; what had once been a shameful secret was now something about which she could openly express herself and, especially, her disgust with her abuser. Letting go of the shame is not easy but getting to that place is liberating and healing.

Hope is the name of the game, folks, and that's what we're here for. The No Secrets No Shame "Kisses From Dolce" healing train has started on its track and, I hope, it will keep on rolling for a long time to come! Thanks.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Me and my super Sisterhood team at Sunday's launch! They are the best...
Photo courtesy Madeleine L.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday's book launch was a wonderful event, filled with family, friends and community. We sold a good amount of books, enabling us to make a nice donation to the ATC Sisterhood D2L Workshop Fund. Several people there were survivors, some talking about it openly with me for the very first time. Many attendees bought multiple copies to give as gifts to teachers, therapists and their local libraries. In fact, the next day, I had an inquiry from a librarian who received the book as a gift and wants to purchase several for her local elementary school.
And that is the point of "Kisses From Dolce: A Book for Children About Trusting and Telling." It is meant to be out there, helping kids, giving them a voice and helping them get to a healing place.
To all who came and celebrated and continue to show unwavering support, I say "thank you."

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am very excited! Tomorrow, I, along with an incredibly supportive community here in MA, will celebrate the publication of "Kisses From Dolce!" We will toast with some wine (sparkling grape juice for the kids), indulge in a bit of cheese and crackers and fruit and, most importantly, introduce the book to the world! I will be meeting the community, talking about the book, selling and signing. It should be quite the day!

So far, feedback from those who have seen "KFD" has been wonderful, especially from educators, therapists and savvy parents. Still, receiving feedback from the broader community is a humbling thing and I am gearing up!

The women of ATC Sisterhood, who have steadfastly supported my CSA prevention efforts since day one, will be by my side, helping to assure an event that runs smoothly. When it was so hard for me to speak up about my background and my intentions of turning that into a way to help kids and make the world a safer place, Sisterhood was there. As any survivor knows, having people around you who support you, encourage you and believe in you is key to gaining confidence, forging ahead and healing. The women of ATC Sisterhood have consistently done that, in a very concrete way, and I thank them. A percentage of the sale of each new "KFD" will be donated directly to our ATC Sisterhood D2L Workshop Fund and, tomorrow, I will double the normal amount in celebration of the day.

Child sexual abuse can be a very difficult topic for many people to discuss; we are slowly making headway with that. Denial and fear of CSA often get in the way of the very discussions that could lessen its occurrence. It is my deep hope that "Kisses From Dolce: A Book for Children About Trusting and Telling" will open up new avenues of discussion, between parents and children, educators and their students, therapists and their patients and, also, between adults, all with the promise of making the world safer for the children we love so much. I hope you will visit here again and share your experience with the book or about your own CSA journey.

There is an expression used by yoga practitioners that means "the light in me honors the light in you;" that expression is "namaste." To all of you who have stopped here to visit I say, "Namaste." I look forward to hearing from you.