Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teaming Up For Prevention

YMCAs all over the country are getting on board to bring child sexual abuse prevention education to their communities. Ys have a wide reach and a unique ability to engage local populations, enabling them to raise awareness of this insidious issue and the urgent need for adults in the community to know how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to it. ALL adults - not just those of child bearing age or those affiliated with youth-serving organizations.
Has the Y in your community taken on Darkness To Light's prevention program? I encourage you to inquire; if they have, get on board yourself -get trained and get the word out. If they haven't, urge them to do so. There is seed money out there for them to use in growing the program. Remember, this program was the Crime Prevention Program of the Year in 2007. It is 3rd party evaluated and evidence-based. It changes behaviors. We know it works.
Take your community on the road to cultural change and the end of child sexual abuse. Get educated and TAKE ACTION!
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brockton Educators Step Up

Yesterday, 65 educators in Brockton, MA participated in one of the largest, most vibrant Stewards of Children trainings I've ever led. I was joined by three of our newest MA facilitators - all adjustment counselors for the Brockton schools - as well as Kim, Amy and Julie from the Old Colony YMCA. Especially gratifying to see was school Superintendent Matt Malone joining in, listening thoughtfully as staff from all arenas in the school system shared insights and observations based both on their professional experiences and the Stewards training. The overwhelming consensus was that the trainings should continue, extending to paraprofessionals and parents, and that discussion should continue on "best, safest practices" policies for the schools.
That's just the kind of thing we facilitators hope for when we offer Stewards trainings; the point of our work is to move people to action - the tangible extension of intention - in hopes that one person at a time, one policy at a time, our culture, our society, will emerge a less enabling place for predators and a far safer place for children.
Go, Brockton!



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