Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Have NOT Authorized Any PDF Downloads Of "Kisses From Dolce"

It has just come to my attention that a website, calling itself Qwedbooks, is offering, for a fee, pdf downloads of my book and others. I cannot speak for any other author, but I have NOT authorized anyone other than Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Trafford Publishing to sell my book. The Qwedbooks website, which has a root address at, requests credit card information from anyone seeking to access my book - do not give them any of your personal or financial info. My attorneys are taking care of this on my end; I feel it necessary to warn you all about this scam.
Thank you.


  1. I received the following comment, which originally included an email address that the author did not want published. I have no ability to edit reader comments, just to either post or not. So, instead of publishing this person's complete comment, I am copy and pasting here, minus the email address:

    It seems that this site is trying to "give" (.. only with credit card informations) articles or parts of books I may have written. Of course I have never give them any authorization for doing so. Would you have the kindness of telling me if your attorney succed in doing something. I guess you and this Qwedbooks site are in the US, while I am in Europe.

  2. It `s the same with my book: Werner Nehls >Bauhaus und Marxismus< (2010). „Qwedbooks" offers the PDF download without fee, but wishes my creditcard number. Neither my publisher nor I gave permission to this. The homepage has no impresssum. Our attorneys will clear this.