Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Puppy Love"

I know, I's a beer commercial! just makes me smile! I love the little guy marching so tall, strutting his stuff as he leads the Clydesdale pack at 0:48. I especially love the little slurp at 0:14...after all, I am partial to a slurp from a little doggie.
Mostly, though, I love this because, as a soon-to-be-published great writer I'm very close to once wrote, "the heart wants what it wants." Ain't that the truth.
Enjoy :)


  1. I can't agree more...this is a darling commercial. (Most all of the Super-bowl commercials reflected the game--a bunch of duds!) What do you mean "soon-to-be-published" writer? Do you have another book coming out? My book on the Long Term Effects of Sexual Abuse geared toward adults is still being written.

  2. Hi, Carole! I have been doing quite a bit of writing of late, but the reference was to someone else who's not quite ready to go public, though she's hard at work! I loved her quote "the heart wants what it wants!" I'll be very interested in reading your book when it's out - I can't think of a more worthy topic. Good to hear from you!