Sunday, October 25, 2009

In this photo: George Markley, me, Norma Peterson

I had the honor of speaking last week at the Fairfield, CT Rotary Club ( Given Rotary's commitment to community, ethics and "service above self," discussing the hows and whys of child sexual abuse, and the difference a community can make, with these folks felt especially meaningful and productive.

Indeed, because of that event, every single children's advocacy center in Connecticut will soon have a copy of "Kisses From Dolce!"
Thank you to Paul Greatsinger, Norma Peterson and George Markley for giving me such a wonderful, receptive forum; thank you to those who attended and paid such rapt attention to what can be a tough subject; thank you to the folks who stayed to chat and purchase books for themselves and the CAC's. It was a lovely, meaningful day.

After an event, I will often take a walk or a ride to clear out my head, take in all that's happened and, weather permitting, soak up the wonderful weather. After the Rotary luncheon, I headed to Fairfield beach, where the sounds of the gulls and the waves melded with the glistening tide to create just a little slice of heaven and offer some peace. One of my favorite things to do in one of my favorite places to do it...

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