Saturday, January 24, 2009

Getting here, to this place, has been a long road and one I have not traveled alone. Though there have been moments, even hours, sometimes, of solitude, I have had some of the best support a person could ask for. Friends, family and compassionate, insightful professionals have helped bolster me to make it to the next mile markers every step of my healing journey.

And that is why we're here. This is not just my place, but it is your place, too. Whether or not you've read "Kisses From Dolce," it doesn't matter. Just that you have found your way here, to a place where you can share, in the way you need to share, is all that matters. Whether you are a survivor or supporter, this place is for you.

For me, there have been joys and sorrows, highs and lows, fears and challenges that have made my road to healing rich, raw and real and it is still unfolding. The people by my side have been true friends, allowing me to be where I am at any given moment, supporting me when I was ready for the next steps and challenging me to believe in me, love myself and have the confidence any truly happy, authentic person needs for a full, rich, meaningful life.

"Kisses From Dolce" was a labor of love, truly inspired, and seeing it through to publication was an amalgam of every challenge I've faced and met on my road. If "KFD" helps even one little person find his or her voice and speak up to get help, I've done my job.

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